How To Get Motivated!



Do you know what day of the week most exercise plans are started on? Tomorrow.
Motivation is the key to starting and stay active, however it’s also one of the most difficult parts of working out!
The answer is a simple, yet effective approach that can turn wasted time into gold and motivate even the most sedentary of employees into active, productive pros in no time!

Set Realistic Goals

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your fitness goals won’t be achieved that quickly either. Setting realistic goals leads to realistic achievements which leads to realistic results.

Create Challenges For Yourself (and others)

Do 5 sets instead of 4. Burn more calories this week than last week. Turn your routines into personal challenges of friendly competitions with others!

Track Your Progress

There’s no point in reading a book if you’re only going to look at the first and last page. The story is what keeps you going to see the end results. Exercise is no different. Tracking your progress helps keep you engaged with your goals and motivated towards seeing them through.

Diversify Your Routines

A common reason why many workout routines fail is that people get bored! Or they plateau and don’t see/feel the benefit any longer. Mix up your routines to stay challenged and engaged. Avoid the proverbial rut.

Workout in a Group

It’s easier to not do something than it is to do something. By exercising in a group, you can provide that extra push of motivation to others when they feel like sitting this one out. What’s more: They can do the same for you


How We Can Help

We know that motivation is one of the biggest reasons why exercise programs fail. We know that getting started is half the battle and sticking with it is the other half. That’s why The Perfect Office Workout was designed to combat these motivation pitfalls and get everyone in the office active, quickly!

We worked with certified personal trainers to develop a series of exercise routines to provide maximum benefit in a short period of time!

Fight These Motivation Pitfalls


  • Working Out in a Group: The Perfect Office Workout is designed to be used by everyone in the office. Motivate each other to stay on target, compete in friendly office challenges to stay focused.
  • Set Realistic Goals: The Perfect Office Workout was designed for everyone to use, even the most sedentary person. Our health profiling system creates a custom workout program specifically tailored for each level of commitment and activity. This helps prescribe realistic, attainable goals unique to the individual.
  • Create Challenges For Yourself (and others): Our dashboard allows friendly competition throughout the office. Our corporate dashboard allows managers to set goals and challenges for the office that can be rewarded in the real world.
  • Find Time That Already Exists: When we said we designed The Perfect Office Workout to BE “the perfect office workout,” we meant it! We worked closely with certified personal trainers to develop quick, efficient routines designed to provide maximum benefit in a challenging environment: the office. Many of our routines can be completed in five minutes or less, all while sitting or standing at your desk.
  • Track Your Progress: Our dashboard allows you to set goals, track progress, and stay on target. Our software integrates seamlessly with a wide array of wearable devices which allows you to track progress away from your desk. This leads to greater awareness and engagement.
  • Diversify Your Routines: Our software includes over 50 different activities comprising nearly 200 movements and we are adding more all the time. Mixing it up and providing different activities helps prevent boredom and plateauing.

A Motivated Workforce Is Productive

The Perfect Office Workout provides and promotes realistic goal-setting and realistic achievements. Integrated office challenges, custom-tailored routines, and an easy to use and follow tracking system makes adoption and engagement a snap.

A healthy, motivated workforce is a better workforce. This leads to increased cooperation and productivity in the office.

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