How To Get Things Done Faster

7, 24, 168.

Seven days a week, 24 hours in a day, 168 hours a week. That’s how much time we all get. Being productive is a goal we all have, but how do we fit more production into the time we have?

Getting things done faster is an important skill to learn! You can boost productivity and learn how to be more efficient with your workday and even your life. Check out these top tips to making the most of your time and getting things done faster!


Use a Timer When Possible

British historian Cyril Parkinson is perhaps best known for the law that bears his name. Parkinson’s Law states “work will expand to fill the time allotted to its completion.” In other words, if you leave the time to complete a task open-ended it will inevitably take longer. However, if you set a clear deadline you will be motivated to beat the clock.

Work At Home For An Hour Every Day

This may come as a shock, but the office isn’t always an environment conducive to being productive. Distractions come in the form of ambient noise, ringing phones, and constant interruptions from co-workers and bosses alike.

Spend just 60 minutes of your day towards working from the quiet of your home and you’ll be amazed at how much you can get accomplished before venturing into work. You’ll get a jump on the day’s workload, free up extra time, and be one step ahead of yourself before you even get to your desk.

Take Breaks to Recharge

As we’ve previously discussed, taking short breaks throughout the day actually leads to an increase in productivity. Simply put, humans were not meant to sit at a desk or eight hours. We’ve all experienced the plateauing “zone-out” effect that comes with staring at the same screen for too long. Short breaks help relieve your mind for a moment and help you refocus on the task when returning.

Set Goals (Time Boxing)

Don’t leave tasks to be completed “however” or “whenever.” Prioritize them by setting goals, allotting time, and achieving results. For instance, don’t stop working until you’ve written x amount of words, processed x amount of orders, or cleared x amount of emails from your inbox. Reward yourself with a break and keep yourself working towards the next goal.

Maximize Downtime

How much of a work day is actually spent working? Consider time spent waiting for the bus, waiting for a phone call, waiting for a meeting to start, the short gap in between meetings, etc. Fill those micro-moments with productive opportunities.


How Can We Help?

The Perfect Office Workout was designed to be effective for employees of all kinds. From the busiest to the most sedentary, we know that there’s a lot to get done in an average workday and wholeheartedly believe spending time on your health should be just as important!

We worked with certified personal trainers to develop a series of quick, efficient workout programs designed to be completed during the workday, many while sitting right at your desk. We know there’s a lot to get done so we wanted to get the office active, quickly and efficiently.

Here’s how we help get things done, faster!

  • Most workout routines can be completed at your desk and in under 5 minutes: Make the most out of your downtime. Our easy to use programs fit seamlessly into natural breaks in the work day and provide an opportunity to energize and recharge you for the next stretch.
  • Train to Compartmentalize: With regular programs designed to be completed quickly and efficiently, you’ll learn to prioritize and compartmentalize tasks all while staying active and improving or maintaining your health.
  • Set Goals and Achieve Results: With an easy to use tracking and achievement system you’ll be able to view progress, set goals, and achieve milestone results throughout the workday. Compete against your own times or see how you stack against the rest of the office in friendly, team building contests.

Bottom Line

The Perfect Office Workout is designed to efficiently integrate exercise into the workday and make the most out of the time we all have. With tailor-made routines developed to motivate and engage even the most sedentary employee, the Perfect Office Workout gets the whole office active, quickly!

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