How To Keep it Simple







Complications lead to… well, it’s complicated. Sometimes the simple solution is the best way to go. When you keep it simple, things are easier to adopt, follow, and maintain.

Exercise is no different. Don’t get hung up on complicated routines or equipment! Keep it simple!

Check out these top 7 ways to cut through the complications and keep it simple:

  1. Start off Slow: Sounds obvious? It might be, but take a moment to consider what it really means. Keeping things simple starts with aiming for simple goals. Cut out unnecessary steps or moves. When you streamline, you increase productivity and efficiency.
  2. Always Remember To Stretch: Stretching not only helps get you loose and ready to exercise, it increases blood flow to your muscles and lessens the chance of strains, tears, and injuries.
  3. Don’t Try to Be Too Fancy: Efficient and “fancy” don’t often go together. You don’t always need the biggest, best, or flashiest equipment and clothes.
  4. Use Stolen Moments: Studies show that breaking up your workout into smaller, more manageable micro-workouts are not only easier to fit into a busy schedule, they lead to more consistent workouts and increased weight loss.
  5. Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard: You don’t need to exercise for 127 straight hours. Not only is this impossible, it is a good way to hurt yourself if it was.
  6. Be Consistent: Simple exercises performed consistently will yield better results than binge exercise that leaves you tired, sore, and not wanting to exercise for weeks afterward.
  7. Track Your Progress: Tracking your progress helps keep you on the right path towards accomplishing your fitness goals. It also helps organize and keep your workouts consistent.

How Can We Help?

When we designed The Perfect Office Workout, we knew a few things. We knew that in order to make the perfect in-office workout program we needed to keep things simple and easy to use.

One of the reasons many exercise programs fail is because they’re unrealistic. Hours on the treadmill, calorie counting, complicated maneuvers that require a trained gymnast to perform? The list goes on. We knew we needed a workout program that was easy to understand, easy to pick up, and more importantly, easy for the average person to maintain.

That’s why The Perfect Office Workout includes:

  • Over 50 easy to understand workout routines developed by certified personal trainers
  • Exercises that can be performed in micro-moments while sitting right at your desk
  • OSHA approved ergonomic exercises to combat common workplace injuries and strains
  • Unique exercise programs customized for the individual’s own activity level
  • Low impact exercises keep workouts simple and easy to maintain
  • Easy to follow dashboard allows you to track and maintain your progress so you can stay on task!

We know that different people have different levels of activity. That’s why we designed The Perfect Office Workout so that everyone in the office can get active, quickly. Regardless of how sedentary your lifestyle currently is our program has a routine that is ideally suited to getting you on the path to health today.

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