The Top 10 BIGGEST Workplace Time Wasters





It should come as no surprise that employees don’t always put in a full eight hours at work. What may be a surprise is how often this is the case According to a survey conducted by which polled 750 employees, 89% admitted to wasting time at work. Every. Single. Day.

The Biggest Culprits

  1. Cell Phone/Texting
  2. Social Media
  3. Office Socializing
  4. Snack/Food Breaks
  5. Cigarette Breaks
  6. Personal Phone Calls
  7. Personal Grooming
  8. Watching Videos online
  9. Arriving Late or Early
  10. Online shopping

Why Waste Time?

Employees wasting time probably isn’t too shocking and neither are the reasons for it. We all know employees who text at work, surf the web, or can’t help but spend time chatting up the receptionist.

Cutting Down on Wasting Time

Every organization wants to improve their productivity and efficiency. There are a number of ways companies are trying to cut down on time wasting and increase productivity and efficiency

For example:

  • Planning meetings better to maximize the workday
  • Better office organization and distribution of work
  • Increased reliance on technology to streamline various processes

How About Taking a Break?

The examples above all have merit for trying to combat inefficiency. However, most employees don’t feel as though a lack of organization or planning leads to time wasting. In fact, one of the interesting aspects of the survey revealed the reason a majority (53%) of employees gave for wasting time was a sincere belief that short breaks actually increase productivity. While at first glance this may sound like a half-hearted rationalization, the idea is not without merit.

Science Backs It Up

Numerous studied have been undertaken on the effect small breaks have on productivity and the results indicate that brief diversions from work can dramatically increase the ability to focus for prolonged periods of time.




"We’re looking at you, Jim."


Time “Wasted” On Health

One of the ways many companies are buying into this idea is through the use of workplace exercise routines. Studies show that brief periods of exercise throughout the work day have a positive effect on both cognitive function and creativity. Two qualities that make for a productive work day.

As long as employees are going to “waste time,” they may as well waste it on something useful! Increasing productivity while also have the benefit of creating an active and engaged workforce is time well wasted.

How We Can Help

Our easy to use, Perfect Office Workout program was designed specifically for the office. And we mean it! Human beings were not meant to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. The study above already shows that! The Perfect Office Workout program was designed specifically to counteract the effects of prolonged sitting and provide an outlet to get employees active, quickly!

We Provide:

  • Over 50 in-office exercise routines designed by certified personal trainers
  • Easy to use dashboard to input, monitor, and update progress
  • Quick, 5-minute fitness breaks designed to get employees active and back to being productive quickly and efficiently.


The Benefits of The Perfect Office Workout Program

Workplace exercise is more than a trend. It’s smart business. Some of the many benefits of workplace exercise include:

  • Increased Productivity: By breaking up the day into manageable periods, employee focus and creativity is improved. Time spent “wasted” on workplace gossip, unnecessary snacking, or other activities is refocused into meaningful, beneficial exercise.
  • Increase Employee Health: Our program is designed to get all employees active, even those who lead sedentary lifestyles. Increased activity leads to an overall improvement in health.
  • Cut Down On Medical Costs: Improved employee health cuts down on sick days and other company related medical expenses.
  • Happier, Healthier Employees: The effects of exercise on mental health have been well documented. Happier, healthier employees are better employees.

Bring the Corporate Gym to the Desk

Large corporate campuses invest in employee workout centers and fitness studios. They do so because they see the benefit in cultivating an atmosphere of health, wellness, and productivity. Of course, not everyone can afford a multi-million-dollar fitness suite with on-call personal trainers and expensive equipment.

That’s why we’ve developed The Perfect Office Workout Program to work in the trenches where employees spend most of their day: their desk.


Companies all over the world are adopting The Perfect Office Workout and are already seeing the benefits. Happier, healthier employees are more productive employees. Don’t miss out!

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